5 Healthy Swaps for the Perfect Back to School Lunchbox

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It’s time to get packing! Your kids’ lunchboxes, that is. This year, mix things up and make lunchtime healthier and more fun for your little ones. Simple swaps are a great way to keep things interesting. With Green Giant as your wingman, you’ll be ready to pack with pride. Kick boring food to the curb and add veggies, fruits and fun to your kids’ lunchboxes!



Cut vegetable sticks are a simple way to get kids to eat their veggies at lunchtime. Instead of pretzels, chips or cheesy crackers, go for the crunch the packs a nutrient punch. Finger food doesn’t have to be unhealthy, and your kids will love crunching on veggie sticks, especially if you give them a small container of salad dressing or hummus for dipping.



The classic lunchmeat sandwich will always be a paper bag staple. Instead of depriving kids of their beloved lunchmeat, simply add delicious veggies for extra nutrition. Raw sliced vegetables like lettuce, tomato and cucumber are easy favorites, but don’t be afraid to cook those veggies! Sautéed mushrooms, onions and cheese are great on roast beef, or try creamed spinach with turkey for a warm, melted sandwich.



Sugary sodas give kids a temporary burst of caffeine, but their energy will crash or fade later in the day. Instead, give them a healthy juice mix. Swap sugary sodas for a delicious fruit-juice mixture that contains essential nutrients to keep your kids going. For an extra-special boost, make your own smoothies and juices using fruits and vegetables. The Sweet Sensation Spinach Smoothie is a delicious blend of banana, pear, peaches and pineapple—your kids will never suspect the hidden Green Giant spinach! Make a big batch on Sunday night and pack up in carry cups for a full week of lunchbox drinks.



Sometimes, last night’s dinner is today’s lunch. When packing up leftovers for lunch, try to add one new ingredient so your kids will get a special surprise. For today's leftover pasta or mac and cheese, try adding peas or broccoli for an extra serving of veggies. In a Mexican rice or Asian stir-fry, add bell peppers or corn. Got extra chicken but no sides? Our new Seasoned Steamers cook in minutes and add flavor to simple leftovers.



A cookie or brownie is great from time to time, but how about packing your kids a fruit option for your kids to give needed healthy energy in the afternoon. Try substituting your usual dessert with a whole piece of fruit or a fruit salad. The juicy flavor will satisfy their cravings for sweets, and you won’t feel guilty about packing junk food. 


What healthy swap will you make next with your kid's lunch?